Wireless sensors for mud logging unit


At present, in some industrial construction sites, all kinds of sensor data are mostly transmitted and collected by wire. Some sensors even need to change their positions frequently, especially in oil drilling, environmental monitoring, mines, chemical plants and other occasions. There are a large number of sensors with wide distribution. The wiring of sensors brings inconvenience to the construction site, and the production safety will also be affected . Bee wireless sensor data acquisition system solves the inconvenience of wired sensor in installation, wiring, repair, maintenance and construction, and provides convenience for complex site construction.


Compared with traditional wired data acquisition systems, Bee wireless data acquisition systems have the following characteristics:


The wireless sensor is powered by battery and adopts overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and overheat protection technology to fully guarantee the safety of the sensor. The sensor has no external power supply and has strong lightning protection capability. It will not cause damage to the equipment due to lightning inductance.


A number of advanced technologies are used to reduce the overall power consumption of the sensor and ensure battery life. A group of batteries (rechargeable) can work continuously for more than 50 days.



After field application, the wireless signal transmission is stable and reliable. The measured line-of-sight transmission is more than 300 meters. Under certain barrier conditions, the effective communication distance can reach more than 120 meters. It can be fully satisfied by extending the signal line and changing the installation position. Complex site requirements.



The use of a number of proprietary technologies effectively avoids module communication conflicts and ensures data integrity and accuracy.



There is no need to set up the bus during installation, and there is no need for on-site wiring. The installation of all sensors can be completed within 2 hours by one person, saving manpower and saving time.



Through the WITS transmission protocol, compatible with various application systems, the traditional wired sensor acquisition system can be upgraded to the Bee wireless sensor acquisition system.



This system is mainly used in oil drilling exploration and development, and it is used together with integrated logging instrument. It can completely replace wired sensors for logging construction, and make up for the shortage of installation, maintenance and construction of wired sensor acquisition system.



The Bee wireless sensor data acquisition system consists of a primary station and multiple sensor nodes; the primary station is responsible for the management and data collection of wireless sensor nodes, and the sensor nodes are responsible for data measurement and wireless transmission. The sensor node includes a power management module, a signal conditioning module, a data acquisition module, and a wireless communication module. The sensor node is powered by a battery, and the data is wirelessly transmitted to the primary station. The main station is mainly composed of the upper computer and the wireless communication module. The upper computer and the wireless communication module are wired, and the upper computer is equipped with data acquisition software, which is mainly responsible for data collection and management of the sensor nodes. The main station antenna is installed on the roof of the logging instrument and is responsible for the transmission and reception of wireless signals. The wireless sensor nodes are distributed to the drilling construction site to measure various data required by the logging system, and the collected values are sent to the central node in digital form.

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